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Chia Seeds have numerious benefits to humans. The seeds are one of the highest known vegetable sources of essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6).

 Chia seeds slow down the rate at which complex carbohydrates are digested and then assimilated into the body. The soluble fiber helps to stabilize blood glucose levels resulting in steady, sustained energy. They are a balanced blend of protein, carbohydrates, fats and fiber. Athletes have reported that Chia seeds help them perform at optimal levels for much longer periods of time.


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Nutritional facts

In the early history of the Americas, chia seeds were a staple food to many indigenous peoples, valued as an easily digested high-energy food in a very compact form. Three and a half ounces of the seeds have been shown to contain as much omega-3 as twenty-eight ounces of salmon, as much calcium as three cups of milk, and as much iron as five cups of raw spinach. The same three and a half ounces of chia seeds also contain an amount of potassium that is equivalent to one and a half bananas, the same amount of vegetable protein as a cup and a half of kidney beans, and as much vitamin C as seven oranges.

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What are Chia

Chia seeds have a long history of use as human food. They were domesticated by ancient Mexicans in 2,600 B.C. For centuries this tiny little seed was used as a staple food by the Indians of the Southwest (US) and Mexico. Those seeds were known as the "running food". They were essential for the Aztecs and Mayas. Even today, Mexican people say that one tablespoon is enough to maintain sustain one person one day.

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